Abroad Jobs for Indians

Abroad Jobs for Indians

A lot of Indians prefer abroad jobs instead of local jobs because they are tempted by high salaries offered in developed countries like the US, Canada, Uk, and more. According to a report, 17.5 million Indians are settled in other countries. India is one of the leading countries in international migrants. Most of the migrant population of Indians consists of Indian tech workers.

Indians are very skilled, that’s why foreign companies look for Indians to hire them. Indians also prefer to migrate because they earn higher with abroad jobs than they earn in India. They want to have access to a better quality of life.

Which countries do Indians prefer for abroad jobs?

Jobs for Indian People

Indians always considered the USA as the best country for immigration and perfect jobs but the US made stickers their rules for an H1B visa. Very few Indians with specialized skills can get an H1B visa. That’s why they prefer Canada as a hot destination for jobs along with permanent residency. PR Visa is required for Indians to migrate to Canada. A current GTS Visa is also designed for those Indian workers who have skilled talents.  Canadian companies can bring their Indian workers to Canada in just two weeks. New Zealand and Australia are some other popular foreign destinations for Indians abroad jobs.

What type of abroad jobs are offered to Indians?

Indians are preferred for tech abroad jobs because Indians have a good education system and most of the Indians are prepared with specialized skills. The foreign companies mostly offer jobs to individuals who have advanced technical skills like IT, Software development, and more.

Canada is the one who is always willing to hire Indians due to the lack of native talented workers.  The Indian education system prepares such talent that can meet the requirements of western businesses and foreign countries give a marked preference for Indians.

Multiple foreign companies looking to hire Indian software engineers. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants were mostly required for abroad jobs before software engineers. Now this occupation got the second rank. Computer programmers and media developers are also highly demanded by foreign countries. A lot of other occupations including lecturers, professors, marketing and advertising manager, business consultant, and more are also preferred for abroad jobs especially for Canadian companies. But Indians must have the work permit for abroad jobs.

Some of the Common Abroad Jobs for Indians

There are also a lot of jobs abroad for those Indians workers who are not technically skilled. Those who have not started their career yet and are looking for abroad job for a better life.

English Teaching Job

English Teaching Job. The very common abroad job for Indians is an English teaching job. This job is very important for those countries where English is not a native language and they want English teachers to teach their locals. Foreign countries require TEFL certification for teaching jobs abroad. But by getting this certificate, you will have boundless opportunities in the future.

Child Care Job

Child Care Job. Another common abroad job is to become an Au pair or nanny to support the families. Families look for a pair with good English skills to help their children learn. By becoming an Au pair, you will be responsible for child care and to train them as a tutor.   

Science & Healthcare

Science and healthcare jobs

Science & Healthcare. If you have any degree of science and healthcare as in archaeology, chemistry, or nursing, it’s a plus point for you to get a job abroad. You can search for relevant jobs abroad in countries that interest you. There is nothing you can’t do, just need to try and try.

Visa required for abroad jobs in different countries

The United States

The United States- US offers OPT, which is called an Occupational Practical Training visa, to those immigrants who have completed one year of study in the US. In this visa, Indians can work there and can enjoy all the rights as US citizens. Many Indians utilize this OPT visa and try to find a company that can sponsor them for an H1B Visa.  An H1B is not applied individually, it is applied by the company.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom- The United Kingdom offers Tier 1 Visa for entrepreneurs and individuals with specialized skills. Tier 2 general visas are for general working people in India.


Germany– To get abroad jobs in Germany, Indians must apply for a job seeker visa. This visa is for 6 months and for those who have no job offer in hand. They can stay there, can find a job according to their skills and can also apply for a permanent stay.


Canada- Indians can apply for a permanent residency visa. You can acquire this visa based on your IELTS result, age, education, and experience. 

Australia & Denmark

Australia & Denmark– In Australia & Denmark, a PR visa is required for abroad jobs.


Singapore– To get abroad jobs in Singapore, Indians can easily go there with a tourist visa and can apply there for an employment visa. It takes only 7-8 days to get an employment visa.


Brazil– Indians should apply for a temporary work visa to get a job in Brazil. They must have a work permit, relevant education, and a job offer from any Brazilian company.


In conclusion, I just want to say, getting a job abroad is a very proud thing. If you have a specialized skill, you can easily apply for any visa for any country. Even if you don’t have any skills, you can apply for common abroad jobs mentioned above. I hope this article will help you to find a good job abroad.