Bangladesh Power Development Board Job Circular 2018

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The origin of electricity use in Bangladesh

Today, about six hundred years ago today East Bengal of the British ruled India, the first electricity user of Bhabal Pargana of Gazipur district of present-day Bangladesh is known as the first electricity user. In the nineteenth century, he first illuminated the Rajbari by generating electricity through the imported generator. From the touch of modernity, the royal and amateur efforts to the Bhawalas, which were far from the distance of modernity, have not only begun to amazement, but also awaken the importance of its universal use.

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Then in 1901 a generator was established at the residence of Nawab Ahsanullah of Dhaka. On December 7, 1901, Mr. Bolton, a British citizen, started the first electricity supply by pressing the switch Ahsan Manzil. Octavius Steel Company, in the finance of Nawab Ahsanullah, brought in some of the elite buildings of Dhaka under the power supply system, along with several important roads of Dhaka and Ahsan Manzil. Because the company’s power generation capacity was very low, their power supply was limited to the elite only.

In 1919, the first commercial development of a limited amount of power distribution system in Dhaka was started by the British company ‘Devco’. Later in 1933, the company started distributing commercial power by installing ‘Dhanmondi Power House’ at Paribag in Dhaka with a capacity of about 6 megawatts. The elite residents of different areas of Dhaka had this electricity subscriber, which was linked to their noble crown, another new feather.

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